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  1. Our NEW blog, NEW soaps for Summer and a creative collaboration for Father's Day.

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    Hello folks,

    We're into June already and it's looking to be a great summer. This year's word for me is 'renew'. So far the website has had a facelift (lots more to do, but we're getting there), I've launched my first 'Spring Collection', with a Summer collection hot on it's heels (more in a bit), and now I have a new place for my blog...all change round these parts, I tell you. 

    For those who'd like to still see the old blog, you can find it here...

    My new blog is fully integrated with my website now, so one less place for me to travel to, and will hopefully help my website become more easily seen and found by the google spiders.

    If you follow me over on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you'll have seen a few sneaky peeks at some new soaps I've been developing over the last month or two, they are re-worked versions of some Limited Editions I made quite some time ago now, but they are so lovely I wanted to bring them back for another season. I had hoped they'd be launching last week, but due to double printer failure, I've not been able to complete the labelling so there has been a slight delay. I have a spangly new jazzy printer about to be installed so I'm going ahead and putting them out there for you now.

    Back for the Summer only-

    Lemon Cream Handmade Soap (with real cream)

    A pile of fresh Scicillian lemons, sherbetty and zesty may chang and rich creamy vanilla notes of resinous benzoin, softened with freah dairy cream to nourish the skin.with a touch of luxury. Imagine homemade lemonade, and a creamy bowl of meltingly luxurious dairy ice cream, sprinkled with candied lemon peel and sherbet, eaten in the late afternoon sun, under a canopy of vine leaves fringed with gold.

    Zesty and lemony Lemon cream handmade soap in the sunshine

    Wild Meadow Handmade Soap

    The sun drifts high over golden wheat, the warm breeze is filled with the gentle lazy buzz of honeybees, butterflies dive and hover, swallows circle and gather over wild flower meadows in high summer, notes of warm skin, grassy chamomile, heady wild honeysuckle blooms, and herby lavender rise into the dry, warm air. 

    Wild meadow handmade soap in the sunshine with chamomile and honeysuckle flowers

    Gone Adventuring Handmade Soap

    On a high mountain walk under a big open sky, the warm gentle sun kisses your face, a fresh breeze from the eucalyptus forest  fills your lungs. On the way back down, you stop to pick glossy ripe juniper berries, just starting to  dry in the late summer sun, The earth is warm and dusty, fragrant with fallen pine needles softly cushioning your oiled leather boots which crack dry branches under foot, you collect them as firewood...

    creamy and gentle Gone Adventuring Cold process handmade soap in the sunshine

    These are all available to buy now from the shop but will ship from 11th June once I'm back from my own little adventure.

    There will be more Summer goodies launching in a few weeks time, including another new soap, new bath milks and more, watch this space.





    Over the last month or so, I've teamed up with the lovely Emily from Sovendebjorn over on Etsy, who designs and prints the most gorgeous enamel camping mugs amongst other outdoor and adventure inspired goodies. We've made up some super gift boxes just for Father's Day

    Gone Adventuring also makes an appearance in our Limited Edition Delux Father's Day Gift box too, along with a brand new Cedarwood and Bergamot skin and beard oil to treat Dad to this Father's Day, you'll find these listed in 'For the Boys' over on the website. these will be made up to order and will ship from 11th June to arrive in time for the big boy's day.


    I think that's about it for now, see you after my camping trip.


    Ceri xx