Facial Skincare - Oakwood Soaperie Shop

The items in this section have been designed specifically for use on the delicate skin of the face. Traditionally we are told not to use soap on our faces which is true of many harsh commercial soaps which are full of mineral oils and harsh preservatives and additives...not so with these nutritious and superbly gentle facial cleansing bars. 

Each creamy and bubbly facial cleansing bar is packed full of skin loving plant oils, butters, clays and essential oils chosen because of their beneficial effects on the delicate facial area. These bars will not strip the skin of it's natural moisture but help it hang on to it whilst providing a thorough yet incredibly gentle cleanse.

In these days of central heating and city pollution, what better way to cleanse and pamper your skin morning and night than with a 100% natural nourishing, bubbly bar of pure oilve oil and shea butter traditional soap?

I love to use our clay face masks a couple of times a week, mixed with ground almonds or ground rice for gentle exfoliation, a teaspoon full of rosewater or aloe vera, honey or cucumber puree, followed up with a deeply nourishing drop of pure plant oil serum for soft, deeply cleansed and moisturised skin...bliss <3



Our beautifully gentle cleansing bars Ingredients include: 

Olive Oil:  Olea Europea 

A soothing and healing oil for all skin types, It helps relieve itches, stings and bites, helps in the healing of burns, dandruff and is an excellent hair tonic, especially for dry hair. It is packed with vitamins and is naturally anti-oxidant and well as being a natural humectant - draws moisture from the air to the surface of the skin, being particularly beneficial to dry skin conditions, and exczema.

Shea Butter:  Butyrospermum Parkii

A richly moisturising yet easily absorbed plant butter which prvides exceptional deep moisture and anti-aging properties as well as mild sun protection in it's raw form. Shea butter contains phytosterols, fatty acids and vitamins that stimulate the natural cellular regeneration process and the suppleness of the dermis. It constitutes one of the best ways to care for and heal and nourish dry or dull skins and to prevent the ravages of aging.

Rosehip Oil: Rosa rubginosa

 Rosehip Oil is high in both Linoleic Fatty Acid and Linolenic Fatty Acids and they belong to what we call Essential Fatty Acids often known as Vitamin-F. One of the effects of these is to reduce the size of the pores so it’s very good for preparations for people with large pores on the skin. Because of its natural content of Vitamin A, it is also very good for all kinds of skin infections such as acne, pimples and boils. It is also useful in the treatment of damaged skin tissue caused by scalds, burns and varicose veins.