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Our customers are very important to us and providing a good customer service we feel is essential. We would love to hear from you and how you feel about our products and services.

Here are a few of the comments we have received:

" if there was a better word than perfect then that would describe every product that I have bought made by the Oakwood Soaperie. My particular favourites are the citrus bath treats. I smell like opal fruits / starburst * (*delete as appropriate according to your age!!) after a bath in this. If i could buy her products by the tonne then i would be a very happy lady"-) - Victoria, Sept 2011.


"" Every time I try a new product by Ceri I have a new favourite - she has a gorgeous range of amazing fragrances plus a real flair for design and colour. Once you have tried one of her soaps or dropped one of her bath treats in your bath you will never go back to anything else.


"I have been meaning to write for ages and say that I LOVE the tea tree facial soap. By far the best thing I've ever found for my skin, cleansing enough to keep dreaded adult acne at bay but without drying my skin out. And it lasts for ages!! Please never stop making it! I will definitely be doing a big soap shop for Christmas, everyone needs oakwood goodies in their life :)"

Jess - Via Facebook October 2012


"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for the lip balm, it was lovely of you to give me a free sample and it is definitely the best lip balm I've had! I will be recommending you to my friends! Lovely to meet you, hopefully see you at the next gift fair (or before!) Best wishes, Claire" - November 2012


"I absolutely love the lip balm. It melts on the lips and keeps them moisturised for ages! I can't leave the house without it on!xx"

Rebecca - Via Facebook November 2012


Just wanted to say how over the moon I am with the Rose Geranium & Chamomile Facial Treatment Oil I ordered recently. My skin is very problematic and after using it at night after cleansing with the Shea Bliss Facial Cleansing Bar, I am converted. Come morning my 38 year old skin feels soft and smooth. After years of searching for the right regime I think I may have found it. Thank you so so much. :) xxx 

Lou - January 2013


 Thanks so much for the wonderful products I bought from you and the refund you sent me back from the postage. Sorry ment to thank you earlier. I think the parcel was one of the most lovely packages I have ever opened. Everything was wrapped so pretty and smelt gorgeous. I have got on really well with your facial soaps, so lucky to have found some that don't irritate my skin in any way at all, they make it feel so soft and cleansed. The colour of the charcoal soap was wonderful, such a great design going all the way through the soap, it looked like a piece of art, very clever. The shea bliss one smells beautiful and feels so gentle.


Love the bath crumbles too, tried the rose geranium and smelt wonderful and throughout my bath and when I got out too. Really made my skin so soft.

Vicky - April 2015



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  1. I have been searching for soaps which do not contain Palm Oil and came across your web site. I ordered my soaps yesterday afternoon and they arrived today. They are beautifully wrapped and presented and smell divine. These are for me but will order more as they will make perfect presents.
    Thank you Ceri.

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  2. Just a quick thank you for the fabulous soaps and bath oil that arrived so speedily and beautifully wrapped. Several soaps are already on their way to friends - in these days of much handwashing!

    Love the products, packaging, fragrances, speedy service, and more. Will be reordering.

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  3. I was lucky enough to receive some products from Oakwood Soaperie as a Christmas present and was immediately hooked! I loved the gorgeous scent of the Adrestia oil and when I started to use the Restful Slumber soap, I knew I needed to have some more! I find the soap so soft and comforting on my skin and I even use it to wash my hair. The bath oil is luxurious and you only need a very small amount to leave your entire body feeling smooth and soft. I definitely recommend these products, especially if you have sensitive skin and will certainly buy more in the future.

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  4. Just got home from a quick local shop to find that the postman had delivered my little parcel of soaps from Oakwood. Dived into the box to find everything beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, with pretty labels. And the smell! ....heavenly! There is even an extra sample of the Mandarin and Bergamot soap. This feels like a real treat, especially at the moment.

    Can't wait to finish the soap I'm using now and start sampling my box of 5 soaps. Thank you Ceri, you've made my morning!

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  5. I have been a big fan of Ceri’s products for a few years. She truly is multi-talented. My recent favourite is the Shea facial cleansing bar. It has lasted for ages and has helped my sensitive skin. It is far better than any more expensive brand natural products I have tried. Cleanses without drying out with just enough moisture for my skin without making it oily! Other products I’d recommend are the clay masks for pampering and the soaps for everyday use. I can’t wait to try more of Ceri’s products. She really does know how to create beautiful natural beauty products that are great for everyday use. Also check out her Ghosts of Nature page for natural dyed scarves and eco-prints.

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  6. A BIG Thank You to Ceri for her amazing products and customer service. I bought the products as wedding gifts and I could not be happier! Ceri was flexible and made sure she met all of my requests. She kept me up to date with how the products were coming along and even sent me a picture before dispatching them! They arrived quickly after dispatch and were very well packaged. Ceri went to great effort to wrap them with beautiful paper, lace and ribbons and they look and smell absolutely beautiful. I cannot comment on the products themselves as I haven't given them to my guests yet and regreatfuly didn't order any for myself. Can't wait to come back and make a bigger order for myself and for Christmas! Thank you again :) x

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  7. I'm busy ordering my next box of goodies! I kept the last lot all to myself in the end! After I'd used my first soap I became addicted! I'm so glad I stumbled across you at the country fair whilst holidaying in Northumberland. Your body butter is also to die for.....THE best I've ever used. So I'm now buying Christmas treats for my friends.....(I know that one of them is already in love with the body butter after I let her try some) Cheers Ceri.

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  8. I bought a couple of bars of your soaps for Christmas presents and was enchanted by the care taken with the service and wrapping. They made my present drawer smell divine. I couldn't bring myself to give them both away so kept the Mandarin (etc..!) which now gives my whole bathroom an aroma of luxury. I am now looking forward to receiving my second order - thank you!

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  9. My daughter just bought me some soaps I can't wait to jump in the shower the smell is amazing coming from the bag. Thank you

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  10. I was someone who never liked "homemade" toiletries and was pretty embarrassed to become instantly converted when I first tried Oakwood products - I've literally used nothing else since first trying them, much to my surprise and to that of my family and friends who also quickly became addicted! The products really faced a stringent test recently however, when I received fairly extensive radiotherapy. My skin got quite a grilling (in every sense!) but I continued to use Oakwood soap throughout the treatment and was delighted that it seemed to mitigate the worst of the effects. My doctors commented on how well skin was withstanding the treatment and were staggered when I told them that I was still using my regular soap which, to be honest, they'd warned me against. The results, however, spoke for themselves and the medical staff were highly impressed by the good condition maintained by my skin throughout the gruelling treatment. So Oakwood, not just lovely products but truly therapeutic too - Well Done and Thankyou!!!!
    Meg Scott.

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  11. My goodies arrived very quickly just in time for me to take the Limechouli Oil with me for a neuromuscular massage, the oil is really nice well balanced sent not overpowering on the lime and not too base note on the Patchouli I asked my Masseuse what she thought and she said not only did it small heavenly it was nice and oily making it easy to apply which is a plus, she didn't need to use loads. My skin was left feeling soft and smelling great but not greasy or too oily. Thank you for making such a great product

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  12. Honestly, where do I start? I have bought your fabulous soaps, melts and scrubs a number of times over the past couple of years, given countless things away as gifts (it took some doing, but I did it!) and sent a couple of surprise gift boxes of goodies to friends too. My friends, family and myself all L O V E them and given as a gift definitely make the recipient feel very special indeed.

    Working with paper and ink all day my skin gets wrecked; cracked dry skin is now a rarity since I've been using your soaps and scrubs and a family member's hands, which were in a very poor state, have improved tremendously.

    Initially I was put off by the thought of handmade soaps and bathing products because I'd tried ones with (what turned out to be) synthetic colours and fragrances in the past (dreadful), but each and every one of the Oakwood Soaperie products is a delight to use, beautiful to look at and with being fragranced with natural oils and fragrances and minus all the chemical "nasties" in many high street products, I don't get any headaches or adverse skin reactions either. I cannot recommend your products enough!

    As if great products were not enough by themselves, your helpfulness, customer service and attention to detail is exemplary.

    Ceri - you have one very happy customer here.

    Thank you. :-)

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  13. Excellent quality and beautiful scents. Each product is well made, you can tell the time and effort that has gone into each product! Will be ordering again soon!

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  14. i agree with all the above comments and more. what a lovely lady Ceri is.

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