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*** PRE-ORDER our Christmas soaps before they hit the shelves! ***

Our Christmas soaps are currently curing and will not be ready to ship until the first week of November but you can pre-order them in advance today.

I've made limited numbers this year as I have no events to sell them at, so it's a case of first come first served online while stocks last. 

To place a PRE - ORDER, simply add how many you'd like to your shopping cart, select the postage option you require and we'll ship them to you in the first week of November. 

If you are ordering 'ready made' products as well, these will be held until your Christmas soap is ready to go so they all come out in the same parcel. If you'd like your other products sooner, please place a separate order for them and we'll ship them as normal within a few days or receiving your order. 


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What our customers are saying - " I have just fully opened my order of just two soaps, to find your lovely little samples plus lollipop inside. I kept the parcel unopened with others and am just about to do some present wrapping, thanking you. They are beautiful fragrances and I shall keep them for myself to fragrance my clothing drawers. I am amazed at how beautiful you soap fragrances are and do know that my friend will just love them." - Celia

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