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Cyanotype is a photographic technique involving light sensitive solutions, a 'resist' to create the image, and natural sunlight to make the print.

Each one is totally unique and has it's own original haunting beauty, the same effect can never be re-created twice.

These original prints are created without the use of specialised equipment and all 'off grid'. The light sensitive solution is hand painted onto handmade cotton rag paper, so the texture of the paper and the brush strokes are evident in the final print. I gather interesting textured, natural material from my landscape and place them onto the paper, under glass and expose them to daylight for a period of time, this develops the beautiful rich kingfisher blue hue, characteristic of the cyanotype technique.

The handmade paper is then rinsed in pure, natural spring water and the final print is revealed. The colour continues to develop over the next 24hrs or so, until the paper has fully dried out.

This print was created while I was a resident artist at 'Wild Northumbrian' an off grid, eco-campsite up in Northumberland National Park, overlooking the wild moorland of the landscape.

Your Original Cyanotype print will arrive ready matted as in the image above, and in an acid free cellophane bag to protect it during it's travels to you.

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