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Eco - Printing is a natural print technique using real leaves, flowers, bark and seeds collected by hand, to create a one off, original prints, no two prints will ever be the same, which is part of the beauty of this 'Back to nature' technique.

 The leaves I use are all chosen and collected by hand from my garden or occasionally wild harvested from fallen leaves They are then pressed and layed onto the handmade cotton fibre paper and steamed in a large pot with other plant materials, rusty nails and leaves to bring out the hidden colours or 'Spirits' deep within. A kind of magic happens in the pot, and you can never predict the results, simply allowing them to present themselves as they choose.

 I find inspiration all around me in the natural world of the North East and Northumberland, and see each new leaf or flower with the hidden potential for creating a beautiful image, showing me it's 'Ghost of Nature' in it's own unique and beautiful way.

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