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At Oakwood Soaperie, we love to pamper ourselves...(or is that 'our elves'?)

When the weather is cold outside, and the wind is howling...what better way to feel warm and comforted than with a lovely moisturising bath? Simply por a little into your bath water and step in. Even better if the pyjamas are warming on the radiator or in front of the fire to snuggle into when you get out.

These beautiful multi - function oils are great in the summer too, step out of your shower and layer the silky nourishing oils staight onto your skin whilst damp for ultimate moisturisation. The pure fragrant plant oils sink imto your skin, softening and smoothing you ready to greet the sun's welcome rays. 

 We have developed a range of 100% pure plant based oils for use in the bath, as a body oil, or even for massage. Our blend of 6 rich plant oils really get to work on your skin, leaving it in tippy top condition and moisturised deep down through all the layers. We hope you come to love them as much as we do.


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