Bath Truffles - Soap Shop - Buy palm oil free, 100% natural artisan soap and skincare direct from the soapmaker. Crafted by Hand in Northumberland, England

Our lovely and luxurious bath truffles are entirely hand made and hand molded, therefore each may vary slightly in size but will be around 40g each giving a trully pampering bathing experience.

Each little butter packed fizzer will slowly melt in the hot water of your bath releasing it's gorgeous blend of cocoa and shea butter and well as skin loving plant oils. The warmth of the water encourages the essential oils to evaporate into the steam enveloping you in a cloud of fragrance.

***Please be sure to clean the bath thoroughly after using one of these little beauties as the rich and moisturising oils can make the surface slippery and we don't want any slips or trips now do we?